Tattoos Over Stretch Marks – Ground Rules To Follow

Tatoos Over Stretch Marks

For many people, stretch marks appearance on one’s body is surely a devastating sight. To deal with this heart break, multiple methods have evolved with time. One of the latest solutions is getting tattoos over stretch marks to deal with this problem in style.

This is still a questionable scenario since many people want to consider the health risks associated with getting tattoos over stretch marks. Thereby keeping in mind your prevalent situation, we intend to inform you with all the pros and cons to fix your indecisive situation. Now let’s ponder over the thought if tattooing is actually possible over your stretch marks.

Is Inking Over Stretch Marks Potentially Possible?

Stretch marks are a condition in which the skin’s texture is disrupted when fine lines appear on it. Therefore, getting tattoos over your normal skin is quite different from getting tattoos over stretch marks because the skin is already damaged and is very sensitive around the affected areas. So, it is desirable to wait before experimenting to conceal your body.

An easy way to reckon if your stretch marks have properly healed is to notice their advancement in color from purple or red to a prominent white. Once the stretch marks have passed their stage of recovery, the skin is finally prepared for getting inked.

Now let’s give you the most updated guide that can help you if you are looking to hide your stretch marks by tattooing your skin. The next heading describes the steps in details.

The Modern Way Of Concealing Your Stretch Marks

Even though the possibility stands to get your skin tattooed over stretch marks, other factors are still prevalent and should be closely examined before abiding to this scheme. The pivotal reason is that tattooing can ruin the skins structure to a certain degree when precaution is not taken and if the stretch marks also appear this can permanently corrupt your skin. But don’t be that anxious; we have the mature guidelines to get you prepared before heading to your artistic solution (tattooing the skin).

Choosing The Correct Artist

One of the key reasons for getting tattoo over stretch marks is to fashionably deal with it. In accordance with this, one must also look professionally into this matter. If you opt for a true eligible tattoo artist, he will not only design your scar but also carefully reckon your skin type and suggest you the best possible solution to clear your wounds. Therefore, it is advised to search an experienced tattoo artist because they can either make your situation or break it.

Inking On Stretch Marks Is More Painful.

Tattoos Over Stretch Marks – Ground Rules To Follow 1Stretch marks appearance clearly indicates that your skin is bruised. Tattooing itself is an extremely painful thing since it is not a layer upon the skin but is needled deep down. This is an inevitable situation that a person is more likely to experience excruciating pain when their body is tattooed on these fine streaks.

Moreover, it is important to realize that your judgment shouldn’t entirely rely on this since every person’s skin sensitivity is variable so they respond to the level of pain differently. What one person might conclude as intensely painful the other might be entirely numb to it. So, the threshold of pain differs from one person to the other.

More Stretch Marks Appearing Over Your Tattoos

Though you have artistically dealt with your trauma of disguising your stretch marks sometimes, they still re appear. This is a horrifying situation faced by many people because it not only corrupts the skin but results in the ruination of your tattoo. So even if you think you are over your life problem, you need to remain cautious about it.

This situation is more common for women going through their pregnancy because their skin is rapidly changing. In this case, it is preferable to naturally deal with the wound instead of opting to ink your skin. One way is to avoid getting tattoos around the area where the skin is losing and tends to get more stretch marks like thighs, bellies etc.

Designs Can Turn Out To Be Less Appealing

When preferring to tattoo your body the first priority to the consumer should be to have a healthy skin. But when people face skin related obstacles like stretch marks, they look for immediate solutions to conceal these ugly lines. People who select to take this venture must also realize that tattooing happens when skin is inked from within for designs to form properly.

Stretch marks resist the tattoo designs in a way when the tissues of that area don’t hold the ink properly and results in a foggy pattern to be formed. The skin may seem even less appealing than before and ultimately people become more conscious and fretful. To avoid this situation to a certain degree you can have extra touch up sessions with your tattoo artist to make the design appear more accurate and closer to the original.


To conclude the article, getting a tattoo over stretch mark is a smart method to conceal them and feel more confident. But it is also vividly evident that every beauty procedure comes with a price and as for the case of tattooing over stretch marks, it provokes many other challenges.

Factors like the features of the skin, the depth of the stretch marks and most importantly the knack of the artists also plays a vital part in defining how your situation will turn out to be. At times, it works interestingly well but rarely, it cannot be considered as a perfect solution. So, make sure to do your handful amount of research before choosing to veil your stretch marks with tattoos.

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