Dry Brushing Stretch Marks – A Successful Way To Treat Stretch Marks

Dry Brushing Stretch Marks - A Successful Way To Treat Stretch Marks 1

Stretch marks have affected countless people in a way that they have become extra conscious about their look. A universal fact is that many women or men are a victim of this type of skin problem. So now we know that it is an inescapable situation. But instead of just sitting idly and worrying about it, we must do something to deal with it.

Many methods have evolved with time that assures to bring improvement to the scarring caused by stretch marks on skin. Dry brushing stretch marks are one of the effective methods that claim to treat these lines and dim their effect. So, we can wisely consider this method as a kind help.

First, let’s briefly discuss the problem of stretch marks and understand why they influence our skin so much. This will enable you to consider your problem in depth if you are looking forward to trying the means of dry brushing.

What Actually Are Stretch Marks

In biology, we name stretch marks as striae. Striae are a condition of skin scarring that makes the skin seem indented and uneven. Normally, they appear as thin lines over the skin surface that is also parallel to one another. These stretch lines have variant colors that range from red to purple and even whitish grey.

Causes And Effect

A few things are responsible for making this internal wear and tear of the skin visible to the naked eye. The process is described below;

Stretch marks as their name suggest is caused when your skin is stretched beyond its original level and there is also rise in cortisone level in your body. In other words, this particular hormone sternly enhances the probability of getting stretch marks.

Cortisone works in such a way that it reduces skins malleability by prohibiting the development of collagen and elastic fibers. Their important function is to keep the skin flexible and rejuvenate with time but cortisone release disturbs their normal function. As a result of this, the outer skin is unable to adjust according to the changes going inside the skin and the obvious kind of scarring appears also known as stretch marks.

We know the development of stretch marks on your body is slightly displeasing. So in order to treat them, let us introduce you to the concept of dry brushing.

What Exactly Is Dry Brushing?

To explain in easy words, dry brushing is literally the same as it sounds like; brushing your body in a specific pattern by using the tool called dry brush. Also, it is usually performed before washing your body or taking a shower on completely dry skin.

The concept of dry brushing has been brought up since the ancient times but it has become a regular practice to exfoliate the skin even now. This is because it works in a variety of way to maintain the internal and external health of the skin. The main thing for which it was designed is to enhance the flow of the body’s lymphatic system. Apart from that, it has multiple benefits like, getting rid of cellulite, discarding toxins, improving digestion and most importantly reduces scarring like stretch marks.Dry Brushing Stretch Marks - A Successful Way To Treat Stretch Marks 2

Now let’s see how this simple method magically reforms your skin to get rid of stretch marks.

How Dry Brushing Treats Scarring Of Stretch Marks?

Since stretch marks appear when your skin is damaged from the inside and outside both, dry brushing stretch marks can surely work to improve the scarring caused by stretch marks.

The main motive behind dry brushing is to get rid of dead skin cells and improve the flow of blood just beneath the skin. This helps to exfoliate the skin; making it soft and supple and eliminates the tendency of the body to get stretch marks by dimming their appearance.

Now let’s consider the ideal way of dry brushing.

This is how you can dry brush your skin and eliminate stretch lines;

  1. Hold the dry brush and start from your lower part of the body and moving upwards towards the leg. Focus on the areas where your stretch marks are prominently visible. Keep the strokes of brush gentle to avoid scratching the skin even more. Brush each part for at least for 10 times and keep the pattern of the brushing similar
  2. It is always better to keep your brush flow towards the center of the body. This will keep the flow in perfect balance. For your stretch lines on the arms, choose the starting point to be the palm of the hand and gently brush upwards to towards arms and the heart. Wisely repeat this step 10 times.

For your stomach, brush in a circular right motion.

3. Lastly, for your back, repeat the same process following the clockwise motion of brushing. It is important to brush smoothly since it gives the best possible results to dim the stretch marks appearance.


We understand that finding stretch marks on your body can add an extra headache to your daily life problems. Considering that, using dry brushing is not just an easy way out but also an affordable approach to treat stretch marks.

On the other side, it is best to realize that stretch marks issue varies from one person to the other, so there is slight chance that this concept might be entirely ineffective for you situation. In that case, do your particular research and consult a dermatologist to treat your scarring.

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