Stretch Marks On Stomach – The Apparent Reasons

Stretch Marks on Stomach

Almost every other mother is familiar with the existence of stretch marks on stomach. According to the research published by Medical department of University of Michigan in 2014, around 90% of women experiencing maternity face this issue and on a side note, it is quite traditional for them. However, there are other root reasons that cause stretch marks on your tummy so women alone are not the only victim.

Now let’s see why pregnancy initiates the development of stretch marks on stomach. You can also look our Complete Guide on the “Best Methods to Heal Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Why Pregnancies Bring About Stretch Marks On Stomach?

Stretch marks are tiny lines that form due to excessive stretching of the skin tissues. The scars that appear are known as stretch marks and trust us, they are the least thing a person would want to wake up and see.

Stretch marks during pregnancy are quite a common concernment and very normal for every mother to witness. Some even consider them as “proud marks” reflecting their 9 month period of physical and mental struggle of bringing a baby into life.

While for some they believe that even if their babies are out of their system, they are still leaving a mark on them. Nevertheless, one likes it or not, pregnant women are bound to see these fine lines on their bodies and lets discuss the core reasons behind their occurrence on stomach.

Making Space For The Little One

During pregnancy, the uterus is continuously expanding to make sufficient space for the emerging baby. This happens periodically, as the skin stretches itself to adjust the new life in the mother’s womb. But as a result, this habitual expansion causes the stretch marks to form on the bellies. Women with fairer skin tend to have pink colored stretch marks on stomach whereas dark toned people have whitish stretch lines.

Hormonal Contribution To Stretch MarksStretch Marks On Stomach – The Apparent Reasons 1

Not only while making space for the baby do these stretch lines appear, hormonal changes also instigate them. Tummy Stretch marks might appear when certain kinds of hormones are released, demanding more water to the skin tissues. This makes the collagen to loosen up so when skin is pulled around the area of stomach such kind of scarring appears.

Inheritance Is Also The Key Factor Provoking Stretch Lines To Appear

Your genes determine your nature, height, colour and also plays a vital part in negotiating the texture of your skin. If your mother got stretch marks on her stomach while she was pregnant with you, you are most definitely bound to get them too. Heredity also majorly contributes in the stimulation of stretch marks on one’s body.

We know pregnancy is one the main causes of stretch marks but apart from this other factors also contribute to it. So let’s also discuss them in detail.

Other Prominent Factors Causing Stretch Marks On Your Stomach

Although there is a high tendency of pregnant women to get stretch marks on their stomach, many other things also influence their existence. From this it is evident that not only women but other girls, men can also go through this trauma. Stated below are other noticeable points that initiate stretch marks around your tummies.

Weight Gain Also Leads To Stretch Marks On Stomach

Stretch Marks On Stomach – The Apparent Reasons 2

Weight gain is the most obvious thing that causes these ugly lines to form. It is in fact of the main causes of stretch marks appearing around your stomach due to extra fat accumulation. This happens because your belly is stretched beyond bounds when your body mass fluctuates increasing your weight. The skin tissues are unable to uphold the increasing changes causing the skin to split and get damages. Thereby these purple/red lines form indicating scarring or in other words visibly informing us that stretch marks have appeared. So obese people whether they are men or women are prone to getting stretch marks on their belly.

Bodybuilding Weight Gain Of Muscles

One might be excited to see their emerging abs but when it comes with the penalty of stretch marks it can be disheartening. When bodybuilder intentionally works to get their stomach flatter to invite abs they unintentionally get stretch marks on Stomach. This time the reason is not the weight gain of fat but the weight gain of muscles. The reason is still the same because the skin gets a sudden change in its structure and fails to adapt to it causing these stretch marks to appear. So it is also an explicit problem for bodybuilding men and women.

Puberty Also Plays Its Role For Stretch Mark Appearance On Stomach

Surprisingly, Puberty also makes it quite likely for stretch marks to take their place on stomach. That doesn’t mean you are gaining weight, but certain hormones are releasing that are maturing your body parts and on the side deliberately inviting stretch marks. So even if you are slim or have a flat tummy, you are still prone to getting these white lines.


From this article it is very vivid how different factors enable the tendency of getting stretch marks on stomach. Starting from pregnant women to obese men, all of them experience this horror once in a while. Although some people might become comfortable in their new skin but others might still grieve about it. Whatever you’re feeling, the good news resides in knowing the fact that it is not permanent event.

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