Cope With the Battle of Stretch Marks From Losing Weight

Stretch Marks from Losing Weight

Almost every person is acquainted to the problem of stretch marks appearing on their bodies. The primary explanation for the occurrence of stretch marks is when our body experiences a rapid loss of weight. Moreover, it is important to notice the fact that our stretch marks become most prominent when we lose bounteous amount of weight very rapidly. This is a disastrous sight for many people as nobody wants their skin to appear abnormal under any case.

Also, when the stretch marks forcefully take their residence on our skin, we are never entirely sure if they will leave or stay. To answer this question, there is a slight possibility of their staying since for a scarring like this, it doesn’t easily give up. But it is a blessing to know that they might dim in appearance if attention is provided to the matter.

Now let’s discuss the main points that causes stretch marks from losing weight.

What Causes Stretch Marks To Come Into Sight When You Lose Weight?

Stretch marks usually appear when our body experiences rapid fluctuations in weight. For teenagers, the prime time is when they go through their adolescence stage since their certain body parts are maturing. Also, when our bodies encounter sudden weight loss, the common hormones that are released inside our body, disturbs the production of collagen of the skin. This results in internal wear and tear of the skin and thus stretch marks emerge on the skin layer that is visible to the naked eye.

Cope With the Battle of Stretch Marks From Losing Weight 1Another excuse for stretch marks formation is when the skin is unable to cope up with the situation of excess of stretching after a rapid weight loss. The scientifically proven cause for this is that the inner layer of the skin comprises of some interlinked fibers which are very tough allowing the skin to adjust through the growth spurts of the body. The continuous stretching of the skin results in damaging the dermis of the skin which instigates stretch marks appearance.

Initially stretch marks appear to be red or pink in color. This happens due the breakage of these interlinked fibers underlining the skin and as a result the blood vessels lying deep becomes obvious making the stretch marks to appear bright as well.

Apart from this, stretch marks from losing weight exist mostly on stomach, chest, arms, thighs etc. The real reason for this is the area that tends to store a substantial amount of fat is more likely to get stretch marks.

Now that we’ve discussed the causes, let’s consider the prevention method to counter stretch marks from losing weight.

How To Resist Stretch Marks From Losing Weight?

It is a widely known fact that almost every individual experience fluctuation in their weight. It is either because of environmental factors, diet plans, hormonal issues etc. Also, on daily basis our routine tends to vary a lot so it is is evident that we can hardly have maintain our monotony in weight. Thereby, this brings us closer to the possibility of stretch marks as a result of weight loss. So to counter this situation, we can add certain tips in our lives to treat our problem. Here is your good to go guide:

#1 – Avoid Sudden Weight Loss Of Your Body

The basic reason that triggers the formation of stretch marks is the rapid loss of weight. If you think smartly and go for a neutral diet plan you can surely gradually lose weight. This will hinder overstretching of the skin to the extreme level and stretch marks are most likely to not appear at all.

#2 – Opting A Healthy Diet Plan

If you make yourself internally healthy, you will most definitely be prepared to fight against the problem of stretch marks. For this to work, consuming food that is high in protein, vitamin e, vitamin c, zinc etc can counter the development of stretch marks. The reasoning for this is that the food stimulates the production of collagen in body that retains the elasticity of the skin.

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#3 – Choose To Remain Hydrated At All Times!

This is one of the key factors since a substantial amount of water intake can fight many body issues. Water can prominently cope up with the problem of stretch marks. By consuming ample amount of water, the skin will retain its smoothness and elasticity thus stretch marks won’t easily pop up on your body.

#4 – Exercise To Stay Fit

Regularly exercising not only stimulates muscle growth but it also boasts the elastic factor of the skin. So, in the situation when the skin has to go through a period of sudden stretch it will automatically adapt to the changes of the skin’s structure. This will also hinder the possibility of getting stretch marks from losing weight.

#5 – Neutrally Dealing With Stress Also Stops Stretch Marks

Stress disturbs many mechanisms of your body. It is also thought to have an adverse effect on the production of collagen which leads to the development of stretch marks on your skin. Stress management n regular basis can prevent stretch marks from losing weight also.


We know, it is a hard to digest fact that stretch marks is a side effect of losing weight. Still we should realize that the development of stretch marks doesn’t bring any harm to the health.

Moreover, If you are still frightful to experience stretch marks from losing weight, it is advisable to consult your doctor. He might recommend you the possible means of losing weight steadily to manage your weight and also deal with stretch marks problem.

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