How Long Does It Take For Stretch Marks To Fade?

How Long Does It Take for Stretch Marks to Fade

Introduction of stretch marks on your skin is very natural for many of the people. Some may experience them during their puberty while other in the process of gaining or losing sudden weight. Whatever might be the cause, it is an ephemeral situation which can be easily dealt with.

Approved by the University of Maryland, Medical Center stretch marks may fade thoroughly if we adopt the prevention ideology. So the positivity lies in knowing that instead of surviving through the problem, we must fight it in the first place to completely avoid stretch marks. Now let’s quickly review the reasons for the development of stretch marks on your skin.

How Stretch Marks Appear In The First Place?

Multiple factors provoke stretch marks to appear on your skin. One of the primary reasons is the sudden change in body mass which excuses your skin to develop stretch marks. This is because our skin experiences over stretching and therefore is unable to adapt to the changes in its structure. This causes it to tear from within so thin flat lines that are either purple or red emerge on your skin. The problem with stretch marks is that it is an unattractive situation because the skin loses it smoothness and looks uneven.

Puberty, pregnancy, obesity, weight lifting and many other factors lead to the existence of stretch marks. Because of this, many people get panicked and embarrassed when they have to bear this problematic situation but the good news is they tend to go away when sufficient amount of care is given to the skin. Now let’s see if you can get rid of stretch marks from your body.

Do Stretch Marks Fade Away?

Do Stretch Marks Really Fade Away?  This is the most basic concern what many individuals face. Like when a bodybuilder is enthusiastic to see his work out results, he might immediately get depressed noticing these thin lines to appear around his muscles. Or when a happily pregnant woman is waiting to welcome the baby, she will be most devastated to find these stretch marks around her belly.

Last but not the least, foodies who are madly in love with different kinds of cuisines and don’t bother much about their weight gain but finding these stretch lines can also give them a sudden shock. As discussed earlier, the reason for stretch marks appearance is apparent but it is actually possible for them to heal with time.

The time period these lines take to disappear varies from people to people. In the case of the birth of the child, once the women are beyond their maternity stage she might find these lines to naturally disappear. If an obese person is gradually working on losing weight, he might also receive the elated news of stretch marks fading away. Visit for more skincare info.

In all the above mentioned situations, the stretch marks can naturally disappear once you are through the problem. Unfortunately there are also certain scenarios in which the stretch marks don’t usually disappear.  We understand it is not a happy news but let’s inform you about them as well.

In What Circumstances Stretch Marks Don’t Clearly Fade Away?

Even though we are diligent member of the beauty world, yet we give hardly any time to improve our skin health. We tend to look for easy and quick methods that may work during that time but in the long run they prove to be very uncertain.

For the case of body builders who search for extreme ways to get their muscles in shape, they ignore the fact that our body needs to adapt to the newly brought up situation. The skin reacts in the most obvious ways since the gaining of the muscles also welcomes these stretch marks. What we need to do is look for a sound routine that gradually helps to increase muscular growth. This will definitely reduce the risk of the formation of these lines.

On the other side, when we adopt habits of sudden weight loss or gain, our skin becomes prone to these stretch marks. In this case, the scarring is permanent and any medicine will not work. This is definitely a horrifying situation for people because the stretch lines might not entirely flee from your skin. The only possibility is to see them become less observable. So to avoid these situations we must live by this valuable piece of advice, “prevention is always better than cure.”

Furthermore, there are some solutions available that can help you to fade your stretch marks from your skin. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Certain Ways To Make Stretch Marks Less Prominent On Your Skin!

We know how heartbreaking it is for people to live with these stretch marks. If these thin lines have made their permanent residence on your skin there are certain available schemes that might help you to make them less visible.

Use Vitamin E Lotions And Creams

Vitamin E makes your skin extremely soft and supple. Applying this can give your skin an extra boast to maintain its elasticity and prevent dryness. The thing is that the main cause of stretch marks is that your skin fibers lose their elasticity because of sudden weight loss. So, using this will add extra moisture to the skin and also increase its elasticity making stretch marks to lighten in appearance.

Medical Treatment Can Overcome Your Stretch Marks

If the organic treatment is not fulfilling you can definitely consult a cosmetologist or dermatologist. Now variety of different treatments are available to help you cope with the stretch marks related issues.

Laser surgery, microdermabrasion, chemical treatments etc. notably work to improve the skin’s texture and are recommended under this situation. But before heading for this type of solution, you need to do your perfect research and consult your doctor about your skin type.


It is eminently understandable that you might feel helpless when it comes to removing these lines from your body. Moreover, the crucial thing to realize at this point is that it is very common and a lot of people suffer from it. So instead of being embarrassed about our stretch marks, we should prioritize our health and then take the necessary treatments to deal with this skin issue.

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