Bodybuilding Stretch Marks – Intense Bodybuilding Can Lead To The Development Of Stretch Marks

Bodybuilding Stretch Marks

Stretch marks as we know is a prevalent problem that exists in body builders as well. At times, indulging in an extreme work out plan can cause your skin structure to change shape in a shot which invites these white lines. Even though you might be utterly elated to gain fresh muscles but, on the counter,  you may go through the torture of bodybuilding stretch marks.

It is understandable how exhausting this might be for any person wishing to tone his body. Need not to worry, this article intends to assist you to cope up with this uncertain situation.

Why Bodybuilding Spurs The Tendency Of Getting Stretch Marks?

The primary thing that leads bodybuilding is the toning of your body by losing fat and gaining muscular weight. This requires strict diet and intense work out plans so body builders are bound to lose a lot of weight to achieve the possible results. What provokes bodybuilding stretch marks is the entire process that involves a rise in the size of the muscle when the skin is still unprepared.

Of all the people, men experience this trauma the most since they are fonder to follow an extensive workout routine. In Bodybuilders, stretch marks are most likely to pop up on biceps, triceps around the shoulder area as well as thighs.

Also, we know that bodybuilding has an emerging dark side to it but it can surely be dealt with if some care is given. So now, let us consider the body parts which are most influenced by stretch marks due to body building.

Which Areas Are Affected By Bodybuilding Stretch Marks


When the body experiences frequent muscle growth on the upper arms it causes stretch marks to appear because the skin cannot adapt to the change. The shoulders are affected the most since they are more visible to the sun. Hence, to flee from this situation, people should consider using less tanning lotion and wear shirts to cover the sleeves limiting sun exposure.

Inner Thighs

Furthermore, due to excessive weight lifting , the muscles rapidly increase their growth causing the skin to scar specially on the inner thighs. This is yet again a very troubling situation where you are planning to show off your muscles, you end up getting these ugly stretch lines.


Next in line is the area on your belly or stomach. Mostly people with progressing abs tend to get stretch lines because of sudden fat loss. This may take a while to cure but using fewer tanning lotions can minimize these dark lines.

Finding stretch marks on these parts of the body can surely bring heartache. Below we mention some methods available which prevent stretch marks from bodybuilding.

How To Avoid Stretch Marks Without Compromising Your Workout Routine?

People prefer bodybuilding to carve their body shape and bring about the best in them but little do they realize that this comes up with a penalty of stretch marks. While you are working out to improve your internal condition of the muscle, you mustn’t neglect your external health.

Although stretch marks are likely to occur, still managing your skin health can also hinder the possibility of them. So, let’s introduce you to the basic steps that can give you the perfect body internally and externally as a whole.

Avoid Going For An Extreme Routine For Body Building

In general, most of us are impatient when it comes to obtaining the desired results. We strive to achieve the maximum output in very little time which is a convenient option but it doesn’t always compensate for other things. Reference to work out, and bodybuilding stretch marks, we should gradually train our body to adapt to the changes it brings about.

Bodybuilding stretch marks can readily be prevented if we refrain from gaining and losing sudden weight. In this way the skin will have plentiful time to familiarize itself with the upcoming changes in body structure limiting stretch marks appearance.

Adding Moisturizers To Your Routine Can Cure Bodybuilding Stretch Marks

For bodybuilders it is advisable for them to consider the elasticity of their skin before heading for a workout session. The areas of the skin that are influenced the most with stretch lines is shoulders, thighs, belly and front of arms because they tend to develop muscles more frequently. To retain elasticity of the skin, one can consume moisturizers containing abundant amount of vitamin E. This will make the skin appear healthy and would lessen the chances of bodybuilding stretch marks. This specially works well for the upper arms as they are more exposed to the sun and thus it can prevent excessive dryness to maintain the moisture of the skin.

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Taking Proper Diet Can Make You The Fittest Of All.

While you are working out to get the perfect figure, you are also giving extra stress to the body. Internal health is always neglected in these circumstances which shouldn’t be as its vitality cannot be denied.

Since you are shedding a lot of fat and gaining muscular weight, you need to consume a rich diet that can fight up the intense changes your body goes through. It goes without saying how essential water is for a person’s health so it can never be ignored. If you keep yourself fully hydrated, you can surely reduce the prominence of bodybuilding stretch marks.

Apart from that, healthy intake of vegetables, fruits, vitamins and anti-oxidants provide an extra boast to the elasticity of the skin. Also, there is another option of HCG diet. Check out Food Fight HCG diet. So, what’s the worry then?


So, we conclude, it is better to prevent stretch marks from happening than to stress over in treating them. This can achieve if body builders opt for a mature and healthy workout plans rather than quick ones.

In any case, health of the body is foremost and by taking a healthy diet and avoiding intense workout sessions, occurrence of stretch marks can be reduced. If this advice is followed problem of bodybuilding stretch marks can surely be overcome.

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