Are Stretch Marks Painful? Do Stretch Marks Bring Pain Alongside Ugliness?

Are Stretch Marks Painful

Identical to the situation of a rubber band, you skin is made to stretch and spring back. But when the skin is overly stretched, it gets damaged along the way. This causes wear and tear of the skin tissues and results in the appearance of stretch marks. When stretch marks arrive, not only the skin is scarred but people suffer from pain and itchiness too. So, we know that stretch marks are painful.

The only good thing about stretch marks is that they are harmless and doesn’t put our health at stake. Apart from that stretch marks bring an unhealthy sight and causes extreme pain on affected areas. Now let’s discuss what makes them painful for the sight and the skin.

What Causes Stretch Marks To Become Painful?

As a rule, stretch marks appear when the skin encounters frequent changes in its structure. Bodybuilding, pregnancy, sudden increase of weight can overly stretch your skin inviting stretch marks on your body.

The obvious reason the stretch marks triggers pain in your skin is because the skin is tugged and stretched. This experience is the same as if someone was continuously pinching your body and unfortunately, the affected area addresses burning and itching sensations.

Except for this, when you skin is under the repairing process, the scar tissue that replaces the skin is rigid and makes your skin feel uneven which incites pain when your garments come in contact with your stretch marks.

Now let’s get familiar with the most painful form of stretch marks that are difficult to handle.

Are Stretch Marks Painful? Do Stretch Marks Bring Pain Alongside Ugliness? 1

Most Painful Stretch Marks Are Caused By Pregnancy

A woman faces many health and bodily challenges when she is going through her pregnancy period. Problems like itchy breasts, hemorrhoid and stretch marks are common for them to experience. The thing is when skin is stretch beyond its original level, it gets damaged and thin lines appear on the surface. For a lot of folks, stretch marks are nasty but not painful. But for pregnant women, a secondary source like plaques of pregnancy brings much pain since they layer as bumps over the stretch marks. They make the stretch marks to appear redder and make them even very itchy. So pregnant women suffer the most pain caused by stretch marks because of this particular release in the body.

The causes of stretch marks can be many, what you need to do is take plenty of self-care and be patient enough to let your stretch marks naturally fade away. As for the case of pregnancy stretch marks, let’s guide you with a care plan to limit the pain.

Step 1: Body’s hygiene is foremost so taking a shower every day. This works well if you have red and itchy stretch marks.

Step 2: Avoid wearing tight clothes so to limit the contact of clothing with your stretch marks. The airiness will prevent itchiness and pain caused by stretch lines.

Step 3: Massage healthy amount of moisturizer on your skin. You can even be selective about the creams and choose the ones that are specially designed to treat stretch marks or dry skin. This will form a protective layer over your skin and reduce pain.

We know pregnancy stretch marks can be tough to handle and cure but the fact is that they are very common. As for the rest of the people, if they take necessary precautions, they can confidently avoid the situation of going through the pain of dealing stretch marks. Now let’s discuss these possible means:

Perfect Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks Of Your Skin

We are certain how difficult it is to deal with the consistent problem of stretch mark. What one can do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep his body and skin in shape. For that we need to keep our body hydrated at all times since water is essential for skin’s good health. Moreover, we must keep our body moisturized to prevent dryness to reduce the risk of getting stretch marks. This also works well to treat the pain caused by stretch marks. Also take note that stretch marks are partially genetic so if your family members got them, you might get them as well.

If you still get them, try these Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Stretch Marks


From the article we conclude that stretch mark is a sensitive problem and it demands a lot of care and attention. But on the brighter side there is no possible harm to health of the person since it only happens on the layer of the skin.

Stretch marks is like a stick in the mud, so it can be problematic. Only if you are well motivated you can easily cope up with your situation. So why be bothered then?

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