22 Effective Tips For Stretch Mark Removal (Backed by Science)

Stretch marks can be the bane of your existence if you have them. Although they are not harmful, they can be unsightly and cause people a great deal of grief when they wear shorts, bathing suits, or other types of clothing. Not to mention the self-esteem issues individuals may have about their stretch marks when they aren’t wearing any clothes at all. If you have stretch marks and are tired of looking at them, there is hope. Many scientific studies have provided insight into how you can manage the look of stretch marks. Here are 22 stretch mark removal tips backed by science that could work for you.

1. Topical Cream

One of the most popular forms of treatment for stretch marks is topical cream. Topical creams are the first line of defense for many people trying to deal with the look of stretch marks. Many types of creams can reduce the redness and look of lines on your skin.

2. Laser Treatment

Skin treatments are always evolving, and new technologies are always being introduced to help people with their cosmetic desires. While there are no medical complications related to stretch marks, they are a source of frustration for many people, especially women. Dermatologists are offering laser treatment to their patients as a way to deal with the look and feel of stretch marks.

3. Ultrasound Stimulation

If you think ultrasounds are just for seeing babies in women’s bellies, you might be surprised to find that ultrasound can improve the way your body functions and reacts to growth. Sound can stimulate your skin and cells to improve circulation and healing. Ultrasound can be an effective way to reduce the look of stretch marks in both men and women.

4. Fatty Acid Intake

You probably already know that fatty acids are important to your overall health. It turns out that fatty acids can improve stretch marks as well. Oils rich in fatty acids, such as Punica granatum seed oil can provide relief of stretch mark appearance over a period of time.

5. Exercise is Important

Stretch marks often develop when people have periods of extreme growth, such as teenagers and women who become pregnant. When muscle tone is improved, skin sits better on the body and can help improve the look of stretch marks. Therefore, exercise can improve the look of stretch marks because reducing the risk of skin atrophy (loose or sagging skin) can make skin appear tighter and make stretch marks less visible.

6. Micro-needling

When stretch marks are really deep, more invasive procedures might be necessary to reduce the look of them overall. Several procedures have been introduced as a way to manage the look of stretch marks, and one method is known as microneedling. Micro-needling, a form of injection, can be effective in reducing stretch marks by injection collagen into the skin to improve elasticity.

7. Dermatology Lasers

Lasers are a new technology that has become more widely used to treat the look of stretch marks. Several types of lasers are currently used in dermatology clinics. One type of laser includes a CO2 fractional laser. CO2 fractional lasers can be used in clinical settings to reduce stretch marks with marked success. You’ll need to talk to your doctor about seeing a specialist who offers this service, but it’s one option that can provide many results.

8. Pulsed Light

Another form of laser technology that is being used in dermatology clinics and cosmetic clinics around the world is intense pulsed light. Intense pulsed light used in the area affected by stretch marks as a non-invasive method of treating stretch marks in men and women. The intense light can reduce the redness that appears as a result of stretch marks.

9. Prioritize Overall Health

It’s no secret that being healthy can improve all aspects of your life. Improving your overall health can help reduce your risk of getting stretch marks in the first place. People who are exceptionally healthy tend to have less stretch marks because their skin is better hydrated and has more elasticity.

10. Specialized Treatments

If you are looking for something a little more interesting, consider a unique treatment option. Get yourself some “dragon’s blood,” or Croton lechleri, which has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the look of redness and lines associated with stretch marks. Reducing the amount of information in the area can help the skin be more malleable and flexible to reduce the look of stretch marks.

11. Vitamin D

We all know that Vitamin D is an important vitamin human need, but we can’t produce this essential vitamin on our own. We need to get it from outside sources. Taking vitamins or having injections are just two ways of getting more vitamin D. Increase your Vitamin D doses to help reduce the risk of developing stretch marks in the first place. If you do have them already, getting more sun, or taking doses of Vitamin D can reduce the look of them over time.

12. Hyaluronic Acid

There are many products you can buy in stores to help reduce the look of stretch marks. Some products are more effective than others. Hyaluronic acid can add elasticity to skin, which can help make skin look younger – a nice bonus! – and it can get rid of stretch marks. Use products with hyaluronic acid, which can reduce the risk of developing stretch marks, and reduce the look of them if they do develop. You can find over-the-counter products that contain hyaluronic acid in the drugstore or your favorite department store.

13. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion has been a staple for cosmetic doctors and dermatologists for a while now. You can even buy at-home microdermabrasion kits to help improve the look of your skin. But did you know that microdermabrasion can also help reduce the look of stretch marks? According to research, it could be just the thing you need to get rid of the unsightly look of stretch marks. You can see a dermatologist to undergo professional microdermabrasion if this is something you are interested in; over time, the look of stretch marks can be significantly reduced as new skin starts to replace old skin in the affected area.

14. Vitamin C

Just like increasing Vitamin D, Increasing Vitamin C can help produce collagen levels in the body, which can reduce the look of stretch marks naturally. Vitamin C helps your body fight off free-radicals that can make your skin look older and less elastic. Increasing Vitamin C can help your stretch marks look less severe.

15. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter has long been thought to help improve the look of skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Many women who are pregnant swear by the preventative properties of cocoa butter. It turns out that there are scientific studies that point to the effectiveness of cocoa butter as a means to soften skin and replace hydration. Anytime you can improve hydration of the skin, you can improve the look of skin. The application of cocoa butter can help reduce stretch marks over a period of time as well. These products can be purchased at local drug stores, and are used to rehydrate the skin to create elasticity.

16. Avoid Steroid Medication

Part of the battle associated with stretch marks is in preventing them. If you don’t want to develop them in the first place, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your risk of getting them. One of those things you can do to decrease your risk of developing stretch marks is avoid steroids. This includes steroid abusers, as well as patients who have been prescribed long-term steroids for medical conditions. Obviously, some steroids are necessary for medical treatment, but as soon as you don’t need to take them, stop. Don’t use steroids, or stop taking them if you do use them. Steroids can increase the risk of developing stretch marks, and over time, marks can become reduced if you stop taking steroids.

17. Pregnant? Look for Centella Asiatica

If you are pregnant, use products with Centella Asiatica in the ingredients. This has shown to reduce the risk of developing stretch marks, and can help alleviate their look following pregnancy. Many women ask their dermatologists or doctors about products that have this ingredient in them. It’s apparently very effective at reducing stretch marks when they are brought about by pregnancy.

18. Glycolic Acid

If you’ve ever purchased a face cream to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, it probably had glycolic acid in it. Glycolic acid is part of the alpha hydroxy acid family. Try using products with glycolic acid in the ingredients. Glycolic acid has been shown to improve the look of stretch marks, when used in conjunction with other treatment methods such as laser therapy or microneedling.

19. Emollient-based Creams

Emollients, which are creams that have water-in-oil preparations are very effective in keeping the skin moisturized. Creams that have water-in-oil combinations tend to provide a great deal of moisture and hydration to the skin, preventing stretch marks and helping to reduce the look of them if they occur over time. Emollients are often prepared at a drugstore under the direction of a medical doctor because they contain a combination of non-medical and medical ingredients.

20. Paraffin Wax Treatment

Paraffin wax has long been known to provide a great deal of moisture to the body. Many people use paraffin wax baths to lock in moisture to reduce inflammation and treat other skin conditions such as eczema. Oils derived from paraffin wax can help reduce the look of stretch marks, in addition to improving the look of skin on the whole. Paraffin oils can reduce the dryness that can cause stretch marks. They can hold moisture in the skin and improve the look of the stretch marks overall.

21. Asorbic Acid

Products that have ascorbic acid in them can increase collagen development naturally and help reduce the look of stretch marks overall. Ascorbic acid is a form of Vitamin C that is used specifically for people who cannot produce enough Vitamin C on their own. If you have unsightly stretch marks, introducing synthetic ascorbic acid could help improve your relationship with stretch marks.

22. Anti-scar Products

If none of these treatment options seem like something you would be willing to try in order to reduce the look of your stretch marks, consider an alternative solution. Any product that has anti-scar properties in it will help reduce the look of stretch marks as well. You can buy these products from your local pharmacy, or get a prescription from your dermatologist or doctor. These are often available over-the-counter and are designed to reduce scars brought on by trauma or accident. They tend to be most effective when they are used as soon as the stretch mark appears to stop it from getting larger.

The difficulty in treating stretch marks is that every person’s skin is different and it can take time to find the kind of products that will work for you. All of the research points to the fact that combination therapies are the best approach for treating stretch marks once they have developed. However, much of the research says it is best to take a preventative approach and try to avoid stretch marks before they even appear. Women who are planning to become pregnant or who have learned they are pregnant are most likely to jump at the chance to reduce stretch marks before they appear and are a significant target demographic for many manufacturers of these products. It’s important to note that stretch marks can never fully go away. Once they have appeared on the skin, it is likely that you will have them in some form for the rest of your life. That doesn’t mean that they have to be visible to those around you. If you are tired of worrying about your stretch marks, consider trying one of the effective solutions on this list. Many of them you can start to use right away after a quick trip to your local pharmacy. Remember that everyone has stretch marks; it’s a part of being human. So don’t get down on yourself too much about how yours look. Do what you can to manage them if you are uncomfortable with them, and hopefully, you’ll find the relief you are looking for in this list.